No Heart Just A Hard Drive

Photography + cinemagraph project - 2016.

#2k4eva feels

Featured at ‘I Play No Games’ exhibition: curated by Grace Miceli for BOOM BK at Holyrad Studio: Brooklyn

An immersive multimedia experience presented in collaboration with Visual Magnetics and Electric Objects. I Play No Games aims to activate the viewer beyond the traditional gallery experience in an empowered and self-aware space. Featuring work by Christina, Ada Rajkovic, Aleia Murawski + Alex Wallbaum + Sam Copeland, Ambar Navarro, Brie Moreno, Crystal Zapata, Fabiola Lara, Grace Miceli, India K, Kelsey Niziolek, Lauren Delays, Louisa Rodriguez, Miza Coplin, Shana Sadeghi-Ray and Signe Pierce.

i-D article

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