Film + immersive installation project - 2015.

Installation displayed through a mirror tunnel.

Exhibited at:
Institute of Contemporary Arts London (ICA)
WCA Summer Show 2015 
Me and You and Everyone We Don’t Know show

“Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.”
-Malcolm X 

The film Send Him To The Cemetery explores rape culture, mental health and dealing with the aftermath of traumatic experiences. It is an exploration into the recovery of a rape victim. The film using flashing, repeated images gives insight into the mentality of the victim. It explores trivialization of abuse and complicity with motifs such as jellied rape alarms and distorted mirrored figures. The vivid colours, gleaming surfaces and props are used to illustrate the glossing over of abuse. It investigates desensitization and it switches between realistic and abstract over-saturated scenes showing the conflict between mental health and dealing with a situation you feel you had been unable to escape. 

The installed piece is displayed through a long cylindrical mirror tunnel; which viewers look into through a tight slit acting as a peephole, adding distortion but also increasing the intensity to view. 

CPoku Send Him Stills.jpg
CPoku Send Him Stills2.jpg

Full film available on request